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Yesterday I read some sad news: Grumpy Cat passed away on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019. Rest in peace little angel!

As an animal lover, the death of any animal hurts my heart deeply. Those feelings are difficult to explain and a lot of people wont ever understand them simply because our hearts were all made different. Grumpy Cat’s death was shocking to me; she passed away from complications related to an urinary tract infection. This event has brought a lot of memories and feelings back to my heart because almost a year ago, under similar circumstances, I lost my cat Taquito. His death was one of the most devastating events in my life and even a year later it still consumes my heart.

I can’t describe what Taquito was for me, but he wasn’t simply a cat. I think we created a deep connection that can’t be compared to anything else. My husband and I adopted Taquito on October 1st, 2016. He was only two months when we got him, and he was the craziest little kitty I’ve ever met. Taquito stole my heart in 1.5 seconds. He was very smart, sweet and I truly believe he was able to understand everything I said to him. Taquito was part of my life for one year and eight months. One of the things that I liked the most about him was his personality. One time I bought a water fountain for Taquito and Penelope (my first cat). Taquito got into the habit of flipping the water fountain over. I would dry up the water, filled up the fountain and approximately two minutes later he would flip it again. That was probably his favorite game. I ended up putting the water fountain away because it was a huge waste of water. I also remember how Taquito used to “sleep like a person”, or the fact that he loved opening all the kitchen cabinets late at night.

I have so many wonderful memories of Taquito and today I only wish he was with me.  

I wrote two long paragraphs telling the story of what happened to him but I decided not to include them because it was too much for me. I don’t want to look back at this post and word for word, and revive those horrible feelings. Taquito got sick on May 29th of 2018 – urinary blockage. After spending a week on and off at the hospital, he passed away on June 6th of 2018.

If you ask me, the day that Taquito passed away was one of the saddest days of my life. That period between May 29th and June 6th was extremely stressful and depressing, and by the time he was gone I was physically and mentally drained. He died two weeks before my wedding leaving a huge empty spot in my heart.

I’ll never understand why he didn’t get to live a long life and why he had to suffer so much before dying. I know that he’s resting in peace, and I surely hope that I will see him again. As I wrote before, our hearts were all made different and perhaps very few people can understand the way I feel. So, if you think I’m over dramatic, or crazy, that’s okay. From his death I won’t move on but I have to move forward. I still can’t look at the pictures of Taquito on my phone without crying or feeling a horrible hole in my stomach. I also avoid thinking about him daily because I get a deep sense of sadness.

I love Taquito, I love Penelope (the OG cat 😉), and I love Chiquis. She became part of our family on August 13th of 2018. After Taquito died, my husband William mentioned getting another cat whenever we felt the time was right. At first, I was against that idea because I didn’t want to feel that I was replacing Taquito, but William made me realized that it was about giving another cat the opportunity of having a forever home.

I like to think that pets live shorter than us because they want to give their spot to another animal who’s looking for a family. I gave Taquito the best life I could and that’s the only satisfaction that I can take forward.

I love you Taquito! <3

Adopt, don’t shop!


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