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Not so basic – gifts for animal lovers. Vol I

Let’s be honest: buying gifts for someone else is not always an easy thing. I have personally spent hours and hours navigating the web searching for the perfect birthday present or Christmas gift that’s special and meaningful at the same time. After a lot of trial and error I came to an obvious conclusion: I’m only good at finding gifts for animal lovers and pet owners. Why? Because I’m one of them.

Over 60 million homes in the US own a dog and almost 50 million own a cat. Now, what I’m about to write is not an official fact, BUT I think it’s fair to say that we all know at least one person who owns a dog and/or a cat, or someone who considers themselves a dog/cat person. Therefore, I put together a list of cool -not so basic items that would make a great gift for any occasion.

All the items mentioned below are from anthropologie. Keep an open mind and remember that this are only some ideas to inspire you.

MacKenzie Cheese Knives, Set of 3 (USD$38 + tax): cheese knives are one of those items that we don’t buy for ourselves. Why? Because we are too focused on buying the essentials so we don’t think that cheese knives are necessary… until THEY ARE! (I’ve needed cheese knives for multiple occasions and still haven’t got a set yet). I love the design, the colors and the overall look. This is a great gift if you want to go a little upscale. The best part is that you can purchase either dog or cats designs. Get it here:

Handy Sponge Caddy (USD$12 + tax): yes, this item exists and it’s the perfect gift for cat lovers. The sponge caddy acts as a nice casual little gift. Place the caddy into a super cute box with some shredded paper inside and you’re good to go. The minimalist design is beautiful and I just can’t imagine a kitchen where it wouldn’t look great. Bonus:
according to one of the website reviews this sponge caddy can also be used as a napkin holder . Get it here:

Sally Muir Dog-a-Day Dessert Plate (USD$14 each + tax): The same rule that applies to the cheese knives also applies to dessert plates. These are things that most likely we are not going to buy for ourselves and that’s why they make such a great gift! The dessert plates are very unique and I personally love how each of them has a different print. If your budget is enough, you can maybe get three or four of these plates so you can gift them as a set. Get them here:

My kind of person coffee mug and bowl (USD$12 + tax for the coffee mug and USD$14 + tax for the bowl): I fell in love with these coffee mugs the moment I saw them at the store. Anthropology has a ‘Cat Person’ version, a ‘Dog Person’ version and a ‘People Person’ version, but that’s not all! They also have the matching bowls that are spectacular. This gift is a MUST. I own both the cat person mug and bowl, I love them and I would be heartbroken if they are ever damaged. Get the mugs here: and the bowls here:

Colloquial candle (USD$26 + tax): sometimes I feel candles are so underestimated. Thankfully, they seem to be coming back on trend. No one should be living their life without lighting a candle at least a few times a week. Aromatherapy is a must. Anthropology has some of the best candles ever; the smells are so subtle and pleasant. The design of this candle is beautiful and it would look great as an accent piece. Get it here:

Fido & Friends Dish Towel (USD$22 + tax): these kitchen towels should be displayed in every kitchen. The design is so beautiful and tasteful. If you click on the link and look at the second picture you can see the little details of the poodle’s hair . Its just perfection in a dish towel. There’s no doubt that it would make a great gift for dog lovers. Get it here:

I hope you guys liked these ideas. I’m putting together an amazon list of similar items – because it’s always good to have a backup plan and more affordable options – so let me know if you would like me to share it on the blog. Also, I love reading your comments so feel free to leave any thoughts and other ideas that you might have.



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